Friday, May 15, 2009

holler, wild rose!

i had the opportunity to shoot another show last night, and i had a blast! i met ryan (one of the guitarists) at lisa's studio a few weeks back, and he invited me out to shoot their delancey show. i was a bit nervous about the lighting because it was so dark the last time i tried shooting at the venue, but once i got there, all was well!

Monday, May 11, 2009

earthangels nyc

my newest photographic endeavor--photographing dogs for a no-kill rescue shelter to help get these babies adopted! my first session was last week in union square. its heartbreaking to hear each of their stories, but its also so moving to hear about how this organization (started and run by one amazing woman and her volunteers) saves these pooches from kill shelters. only problem is that i want to adopt each dog i photograph!

this first gorgeous girl's name is sadie. i don't know much about her history, but she's just so adorable!

this next pooch's name is ivette. her ears had been cut off because her previous owners wanted her to be a fighting dog. she didn't do too well, because she just isn't a fighter. this girl is incredibly sweet.

this last pup was found not too long before i showed up to photograph this past friday, so they didn't really know much about her except that some kids found her tied to a tree in union square, starving. the cops were about to take her to a kill shelter when earthangels nyc stepped in. shes a young one, and shes absolutely in love with people....very very sweet, and really gorgeous. they think she's about 5-6 months old.

if you or someone you know are interested in fostering or adopting one of these babies, email, or visit

mamarazzi live @ pianos nyc

i made it out to mamarazzi's show this past friday night at pianos, camera AND battery in hand this time! they were awesome, as usual. here are some of my favorite shots from the night!

Monday, April 20, 2009


a friend of mine just signed with a fit modeling agency, and we decided that we'd give the headshots thing a try to see if we could produce images that could be used for the agency. last thursday was a perfect day for a shoot--gorgeous weather! we went out during late afternoon and took some shots on her building's rooftop and around chelsea. not sure if the shots are good enough for the agency, but we had a lot of fun taking them!

had to throw in the last one for fun...i love shoes.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oklahoma flowers

after a long and arduous journey, we finally made it to the great state of oklahoma to visit my family. springtime here is rather nice, and the flowers are in bloom! we visited some family friends in norman, and i snagged a few shots of some flowers in their yard.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the party faithful @ delancey's

went to watch the party faithful last night at delancey's. they were great! it was my very first band shoot (supposed to be second...). even with my iso maxed out at 1600 and my aperture wide open to f/1.8, my poor little xsi couldn't handle the extreme low light at the bar and all i could get were blurry shots. with a little encouragement from the hubby and albert, i continued to shoot, and was able to get a few interesting shots.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

rookie mistake

after my afternoon shoot with tacuma, i came home to rest and recharge my camera battery before the show. at around 9.30, i packed my bag, camera, and 2 lenses that i was planning on using during the show. after i got out of the subway near the venue, i came to the startling realization that i had left the camera battery at home, still sitting in the charger. needless to say, i was cursing myself out for the rest of the evening. ROOKIE MISTAKE. that'll never happen again...

on a more positive note, mamarazzi was totally awesome tonight. they'll be playing other gigs in the near future, so there'll be more opportunities for me to photograph them in all their glory.